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Who is Shantell Martin?

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She is a visual artist, intuitive philosopher, cultural editor, lecturer, choreographer, writer, performer, and more.

During the Fast Company festival in New York, I was invited to a workshop called “Understanding brands as cultural patrons” also attended by the founder and director of WeTransfer Damian Brandfield,
founder of the New Museum in New York Julia Kaganskiy, and artist Shantell Martin.

She embarrassed us all: the marketing industry, clients who hire artists in campaigns.
It is those who are proud that their corporate culture stands by artists.
She told us about her experience with clients.

“We are artists. We have to eat, support ourselves, buy materials, and travel.
We should not be in the last place in your budget. We should be at the same level as you pay your lawyers and directors. If I have to explain why it is humiliating for us artists to treat us like that, ok, I will send you an e-mail and explain everything to you “.

Shantell works with brands such as Adidas, North Face, and Max Mara, activist projects with the New York City Ballet, with Google applications on the topic of virtual reality. At the World Trade Centre, her drawings took the form of moving video tapes in corridors several kilometres long.

Shantell is changing industries, setting new links between art, education, design, philosophy, and technology.

And you? Do you also know someone like Shantell in your surrounding, or do you see yourself in her?

P.S. Take a look at her manifesto on the future of art.

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