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Whispers in Srem

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Upon arrival to Atelje vina Šapat, I was greeted by Dušan Vranić, a sommelier who returned to Serbia after a successful career in New York. As it happens, the best bring the best, so we can thank Dušan for bringing renowned French chef Nikola Stojaković (110 Taillevent, Le Pre Catelan, and hotels George V, Park Hyatt, and Sangri) to the team.

Dušan loves his job. He notices every detail in the restaurant, enjoys nature, cares about the people he works with, and desperately wants the guests to feel the whispers.

I was stunned by the silence of the restaurant, located only a few steps from the vineyard. It was a hot summer day, and you could only hear bees and a gentle breeze. The Danube was waving from afar. We walked through the rows of Sauvignon and Merlot, and I learned why this altitude, this Sun, and the proximity of the Danube is important for the taste of their wine.

With a stunning view of the Danube and Tisa’s hug from Novi Slankamen, Dušan and Nikola slowly explored the area. The other day they went to meet their neighbors (and buy freshly picked figs from them). It is vital to be a good neighbor, and Dušan’s mission is to make Atelje vina Šapat an esoteric place of taste and experience.

On the way back, I drove slowly and stopped the car now and then. Green, yellow, gold. And blue below.
Sunflowers blew in the wind. Beekeepers in white suits went to work.

What a day.

Curated by Nataša Nikodijević Savin