Today I introduce you to Davor Gromilović from Sombor.

His paintings, drawings, and graphics are available to collectors worldwide. I have a few too.
It all started when Davor wrote me a few sentences a few years ago about the topic of the work I liked. “That work with cows – it’s twilight, the moon. You have those bulls and cows grazing, and that’s the time of day when the bat comes out. That is a blind man, a species better known as the Vampire Bat, which feeds with the blood of cattle, among other things, and that is why they got that name. I dedicated my work to that topic because the word Vampire originates from the Balkans. “

I liked it a lot. If they saw that work, they would realize that his world is complicated. So many details that will get you lost in the search, and yet, like in a labyrinth, you can’t, and you also don’t want to find the exit.

Davor often shows symbols from these areas in his paintings, such as childhood memories, books, fairy tales, comics, and movies. And who knows what and how to play with strange creatures.

Or heroes from SF movies on renaissance screens.
Fantasies, dreams, nightmares, lived images from childhood, some of his creatures from the imagination (neither people nor animals), the relationship between the artificial and the natural, inner and outer world.
Observe the details in the pictures. You will dream of them. You will see them in your friends, in the mirror when you wake up.

Curated by Nataša Nikodijević Savin