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Tijana Ilić. Artist, virtuoso and hairdresser

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I met Tijana by chance in a Belgrade salon.
It was immediately clear that I was dealing with someone who did not belong to the world of standard hairdressers.
First, as soon as I entered the salon, she told me that she doesn’t do ordinary, everyday blow-drying and “just cut my ends”. She takes the challenges seriously. She is constantly looking for inspiration in the avant-garde, stage performances, theater, and film.
The way she holds scissors spins strands of hair, inserts extensions, makes her hair look like a forest, and then again like a neat path, all this and much more when you watch her live when she creates, says that Tijana is a virtuoso.

You enter the salon as a businesswoman, and you leave as a disco queen, Queen Margo, or a Coca-Cola Christmas tree from a TV spot.

Tijana is simply for the Oscars. *

She understands hair. She talks about long strands and explains to them why she will cut them in half soon—an expert on any complicated hairstyle. I don’t think it’s hairstyles, more like exhibitions on your head.

As a true admirer of her craft, she founded the “Club of Hairdressing Artists”. During the old Yugoslavia, there was such an association. They brought together artists from various fields. Tiana’s mission is to save the profession.

“In our country, no one likes to work. I advertised “Volunteer and Learn”. Super interesting people applied. Masters who want to develop in the of the old crafts’ way. “

I remember her telling me how she was constantly learning and how she used to come home from work and practice some complicated hairstyle on a doll all night. It relaxes her. Photos with dolls have caused tremendous popularity. She tries to demand festive hairstyles on them. She tests how much time she will need on a real-time set.

Tijana is a great perfectionist and constantly sees her mistakes. That is why every hairstyle is getting better and better. She is persistent. And she’s always coming up with something new.

Her works have attracted influental people from around the world. She doesn’t have to sign or present herself, seeing her haircut is enough. Sharon Blain, one of the world’s most famous hairdressers and educators, is coming to Serbia thanks to Tijana.

If you are brave, love change, and are a constant learner, apply to Tijana’s. And here I am, not knowing how I will look this time when I leave her salon.

* Tijana has won various international awards. Gold award as a color artist of NTVA 2021, Hairdresser of the Year 2019, and in 2022, as a representative of Serbia, he will be a judge of hairdressers from 22 countries at the CEE Vella Trends 22 competition.

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