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The Foundry Urban Luxury Suites

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What a revelation!

In the most beautiful part of Athens, Psiri, overlooking the Acropolis, and in the middle of picturesque streets full of cafes and restaurants. No makeup, tourism, sales, and anything forced. Athens is a friend and neighbour who always opens the door with a smile and offers you something freshly prepared from the oven.
Speaking of the oven, the streets in Athens are hot, the air is full of the smell of spices and the sea, and everyone is just waiting for a night to fall. That is the time when Athens reveals herself.

The building is from 1930. used to be fonts (letters) foundry, and then a printing house that grew into a cultural center with a gallery and a theatre. Whoever decided to turn a building with such a story into a hotel later, believe me, was very careful that everyone who stepped into that building felt the events of the past.

Twelve apartments are well suited to the taste of artists or industrial designers. Our apartment was on the rooftop with a garden on the balcony overlooking the hill, from where the temple of the gods protrudes superiorly. There is no restaurant in the hotel, and you can have a drink in the evening on the shared roof terrace in a park-like setting. To the owners, it is essential that everything looks like home, on your personal balcony, where you make a barbecue and bring electricity from a neighbour, but drink cold wine from a vintage qibla.

When you go to Athens, a hot goddess, a little wild and elusive, check out this place.

Curated by Nataša Nikodijević Savin