A neo-futuristic journey through music.

A piano duet that connects the worlds through intuitive performance on two specially designed hybrid pianos. The sound produced by this piano comes from the future.
Sonja says that, when she plays, it’s like getting into a balloon, and Andrija meditates.

In the Novi Sad synagogue, while watching their faces during the concert, I had the feeling that they were talking. Very stormy, passionate, complex sentences full of understanding.

What a duo. Male-female energy on different sides of the same instrument. They explore, play, create and turn the energy into a sound and a sound into an emotion.

I met them at our Belgrade edition of the House of Beautiful Business event. We talked about inclusion. About music and creation to which they only belong.
There was also Sri Hari, a guru, smiling from the audience. Afterward, we all hugged him and travelled to some other worlds.

P.S. take a look at the calendar of scheduled concerts… find them somewhere in the world, and don’t forget that it will be a concert where you will experience some new, changed (pure) state of consciousness (oh finally).

Curated by Nataša Nikodijević Savin