There is one place. Under the bridge. Near and far. You are like at sea. There you are taught to sail, just like at sea. And that place is in Belgrade. Its  name is JK Ada. You go to school and compete in sailing.
You wait for the wind. Chase the sunset at an angle that can only be seen when you are under sail.

That’s where I met Bros, and for the first time, I noticed so many sails in Belgrade.
Almost like the sea, this man fell in love with the Sava river.
And then he infected with this love half of the people in Belgrade. That better half of people, I think. Old fishermen from Sava river, locals, so-called natives, who are curious to see new people on the Sava river, also come here.

Bros competes and wins, chasing some of his imaginary goals.
And he plays music at parties underneath the bridge on Sava river, next to the sailboats, that reach Zagreb and the sea.

Let’s go to Bros.

Curated by Nataša Nikodijević Savin