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A magical elixir of love from Island Vis

Hilda and Gary, what an incredible couple, with so much energy and love for life. At their essence they are pure magic, showing us all how important creativity is in our lives. And they have given us a gift of love: botanical, artisan gin Hum 587, infused by lemon and 13 carefully chosen herbs on the island highest spot Hum.

“Gin requires a slow process of distillation, it’s pure chemistry” says Gary.

To me the two of them look like a couple whose chemistry is very much alive, a love that facilitates new projects and adventures.

They fell in love with Vis, made friends with locals who opened the doors to this magical island and it’s secrets. More than anything they are still kids with big dreams, daring to imagine and realise new ideas.

Gary is English, Hilde is Norwegian, and their product is mix of a very unique micro-cosmos that came to life on this beautiful island, and helped them create this one of a kind artisan gin.

This is a story for people who celebrate and enjoy life, and with the drink that reveals hidden secrets of the island, the ones that poems, and books are written about.

Speaking of novels, their gin distillery is located on the place where the military station used to be, surrounded by the hills with more than 50 different herbs…

Hilde is the modern goddess of this creative space and Gary brings her creations to life, giving us this beautiful drink to enjoy over hot summer nights.

Their workshop is a space of exploration, and play, where they have spent endless days testing different combinations of herbs.

She is the inspiration for gin Artemis, as goddess of moon, forest, animals and fertility. This version of gin has a rose internal label. It is more feminine, mystical, waking different senses and memories in us.

If you find yourself on this beautiful island in the coming months, don’t forget to stop by this magical place and enjoy a glass or two of Hum 587. And who knows, if you are here during winter months maybe you can help them as they work on preparing 500 kg of lemon for their next batch (did I not tell you, this is a labour of love?:)

Curated by Nataša Nikodijević Savin

HUM 587

Instagram: @hum_587

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  1. Kjersti

    They are the best couple with the best gin – beautifully described and written.

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